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Hector Jaramillo

Candidate for US House of Representatives 

"I proudly endorse the mission of ARIZONA WORKS TOGETHER, a movement that seeks to

empower Arizona's workers by repealing unjust, anti-union laws and striving for fair wages. This

initiative aligns perfectly with the values I hold dear and my experiences as an advocate for

equity and justice.

For far too long, powerful corporate interests have manipulated the law to serve their own

pockets, leaving hardworking Arizonans struggling to make ends meet. But it's time for a

change, and we must stand up against this undue influence. We've had enough of bowing to

billionaire bullies who prioritize profit over people.

The term "Right to Work" may sound appealing, but the reality is quite different. The statistics

tell a sobering story – in so-called "RTW" states, workers earn an average of $10,000 less per

year than their counterparts in non-RTW states. This is a stark reminder that these laws do not

protect the rights or well-being of workers; instead, they undermine the very foundation of fair

pay and economic security.

Our workers deserve better. They deserve the opportunity for better-paying jobs, secure

retirements, and the economic freedom to build a brighter future for themselves and their

families. The task ahead may seem daunting, but I firmly believe that with the collective strength

and determination of ARIZONA WORKS TOGETHER, we can overcome these challenges.

Together, we will work tirelessly to champion the cause of fair wages, economic justice, and

workers' rights. I urge all Arizonans to join this crucial movement because, when ARIZONA

WORKS TOGETHER, we can create a future where fairness prevails, where every worker is

valued, and where prosperity is shared by all."

Hector Jaramillo
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